Sri Lanka General Information For Travellers

The beautiful Island of Sri Lanka is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Though the cities are still adjusting to the large influx of tourists, there is plenty to do in Sri Lanka. Naturally before you travel to a country there are certain things that would be nice to know about the place that you intend to visit.

First of all you must already know that the country is a unitary multiparty republic with one legislative house. The countries official language is Sinhala and Tamil. The link language between the two languages is English. Now let’s get down to the gritty stuff.

You will find that it is safe to travel to Sri Lanka now more than ever. The country was curbed by a great civil war from 1983 to 2009 and tourists were discouraged from visiting the country. Since the war ended the country has been rebuilding itself slowly to improve the environment for tourists. Be keen and apply the same caution you would in other new environments.

  • Respect the past political state.

Though it is okay to ask the locals about their lives avoid getting into matters of politics or the war unless you are a professional or scholar on the subject.

  • Food and water.

Under no circumstances should you drink tap water. Always pick a bottle of the reversed osmosis water in the country. Ensure you check on the expiration date. If you have an extra sensitive tummy do not order any salads as they may be cleaned sing tap water. Try to eat food in Bonafide sit in restaurants. Avoid the street stalls if you feel the owners’ cleanliness are not up to standard.

  • Special Drivers license or private driver.

If you plan on renting out a car then you will need a special driving license from your country. The international driving permit should have Sri Lanka listed as one of its countries of use. The country has heavy and hectic traffic so you may want reconsider getting a rental car. Use the private drivers for a more relaxed experience.

Though this is not the official religion of the country, Buddhism, is well recognized. You will find many temples or statues on the sides of the street. It may be okay to take a few photos f the sculpture but do not touch it or take photos with it as this is disrespectful. Always make sure to remove your shoes and head gear when entering a religious building. Wear the appropriate attire.

  • What to wear.

The weather here is a bit hot typical of the tropical climate. You may want to pack more cotton or linen clothes to ensure you do not have the sweat sticking to your body but rather being absorbed.

  • Visa and travel insurance.

Get a 30 day visitor’s visa issued t you before you leave the country or when you get there. You may also want to get travel insurance to ensure you cover your good from theft or damage. You can apply for the visitor’s visa online here